Kharagpur College 

Cultural Programs

Culrural Program

Cultural Programs of the college organizes a diverse set of activities explore the intersections among the arts, science, patriotism and popular culture. The essence of the social and cultural programme is to help participants gain a valuable overview of the indian culture based on local heritage, and to enhance links between the different courses, life and its importance, enjoyment and recreation of the body and the soul. We have many students who are remarkable in Dancing, Singing and other extra curicullar activities. Notable cultural programs of the college are as follows

Foundation Day

The celebration of the foundation day is organized on 29th Aug every year. Since on this date the Kharagpur college was founded. Go through our photoalbum.

Teachers Day

It is organized by the students every year in all department. It is really great to see their respect, performance and dedication towards the teachers.View more Photos.

Prize Distribution

We organize a program to distribute the prize to the students of our college who are good in academics, NCC, Games and Sports and in other cultural activites etc

Alumni Meet

Established in 1949 the college has a huge alumni base. Every year we welcome them once to congratulate them for their success and thank them for making the college proud


We observe a day for every faculty and staff before they leave/ retire. We are very sensitive to understand the emotion of their heart and make them smile before they go

Sardar Patel`s Birthday

We pay a tribute to the great personalities and freedom fighters. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is one of the most prominent face of freedom struggle and building India.

Milan Uthsab

Millan Uthsab is a reunion observed by the Bengali Department. Meeting with people is welcome by a cultural program with songs, dance, talks etc

Rabindra Natoker Gaan

We observe Rabindra Nath Tagores birthday with Rabindra Sangith, dance, recitation, talks etc. Tagore is himself a huge portion in literature both in Bengali and English

Freshers Welcome

We always welcome the freshers by a cultural program on their first day. We introduce with everyone and congratulate them for their success and wish them for their future.

Sona Fest

A Fest organized by the students union of the college, The fest consists of singing, dancing, dual etc. Students participate in the program and perform beautifully.

Basonto Uthsab

A Spring festival organized by the students community. Different cultural program like singing, dancing and artists from outside the college are also invited to rock the program. Huge participants of the college are invited.