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Kharagpur College Proficiency Award was given to the students every year for excellent performances in academic fields, Games & Sports, NCC, NSS & other cultural activities, on college Foundation Day Celebration Ceremony.
Cricket and Football :  Apart from Annual Sports Meet the students also play football and cricket. Mainy students (mainly boys) play football and cricket. They have won interschool tournaments in the district and outside of the district, university prizes among other colleges. Many trophy and medals have won by the students of Kharagpur College. Our college students are well known for games and sports and held high in the district both in football and cricket. Some of the trophys are displayed below:

Annual Sports Meet : Sports meet is organized every year by the college and students union. The principal sir inaurguates the event. All types of games and sports are organized for boys and for girls. We are also proud to say that the students are very good in sports and are recognized through out the district as well in the state. The college has a big playground where the sports is organized. All kinds of sports and NCC activities takes part in the play ground. The students union run by the students arrange the games and sports of the college.
Photos of Sports Meet 2012      Photos of Sports Meet 2015

The players also undergoes regular practise also in the play ground. The sports in which students takes part are as follows:

High jump (both for boys and girls), Long jump (both for boys and girls), 100 meter Running, 200 meter running(both for boys and girls) etc. Almost all students both boys and girls takes place in the annual sports meet. Prizes are given to the elegible candidates by the principal and other eminent personalities on the final day of the sports meet.