Kharagpur College 

Why Kharagpur College?

Excellent Academic Environment with Green Campus:

The Kharagpur college is situated in the heart of Greenery. Big trees, lake filled with water etc make the campus comfortable even during the worse hot months. The water bodies situated also helps to keep the campus environment pleasant, cool and calm which is very favourable for academic activities. The visitors who comes to our college has always appreciated the environment.

Smart City (Excellent Location) all modern facilities available:

Kharagpur college is situated in the city of Kharagpur. 5 minute distance from the NH6 High way on the GT road. It is in the entrance point of Kharagpur and 3 min distance from the Vidyasagar Industrial Park. Andhra Bank is within the campus, State Bank corner is within 2 minute walking distance from the college. Apart from this Dominos Pizza, Petrol Pump, Hotels, Restaurants and all necesssary offices are within 5 min walking distance from the college.

Student Teacher Relationship:

Our college is not a very big college, the student and teacher ratio is descent. So the academic environment is homely, teachers gives enough time and parently guidance to the students for improving their education and career. We try to maintain a state by creating a admosphere where students will themselve love the subject they are studying. We take the students for excursion to various places. We hold 3 class tests for internal marks to understand the performance and the progress of the students. In Laboratories and Libraries students can stay, spend time and learn even after college hours.

Combination of Research - Cultural Program - Games and Sports :

Sufficient facilies for research are present in most of the departments, we also have projects funded by DST, New Delhi. Regarding the research outcome a descent number of publications and books are there by most of the professors. Cultural programs are celebrated in our college with huge response from the students, teachers and staff. Many programs like College foundation day, GALA, Reunions, alumni meet, farewell ceremony are organized. Games and sports are also important to us. Annual Sports meet, tournaments are held.

Hostel Facilities :

Both girls and boys hostels are present in the college. For students who stays far away get this facility so that they will not have problem of wasting their time in travelling. Our hostel wardens are very kind and look after any kind of problem they face in the hostels. For more details go through this link.

Rich history - Excellent alumni base :

Established in 1949 the college has huge alumni base. Most of our alumnis are well placed in reputed organizations. We have a good contact with most of our alumni. If you are a alumni please register in this link. Every year the Department of Physics organize a Alumni Meet. In order to go through the history of the college click here.

Academic Facilities:

Kharagpur college is known for its good will in the area of academic excellance. We have each and every facilities for the students to perform their academic activity smoothly. so of these facilities are discussed below :